Naveen Kumar: Programming The Future

January 12, 2021

Naveen Kumar is an entrepreneur who is currently developing a tech product using artificial business and deep learning based out of Texas. However, his story of innovative spirit is one that started several years ago, in a town in India.

As a young college graduate in India, Naveen’s first experience in the professional world came in direct connection with his family: his father’s business. Naveen’s father owned a small manpower outsourcing company, which connected other private and government organizations, both small and large, with the right workers for their needs. Over the course of several years, Naveen quickly learned the craft in outsourcing, working under his father to provide hospitals, events, companies, and even other small businesses with security personnels, sanitation workers, personal gunmen, and much more. Before long, Naveen sought to move beyond the background of his home country, looking for challenges as well as perspective to make a statement of his own. Given his background of experience in the operation of a small business, Naveen wanted a broader view of the world around him, hoping that he could make an impact beyond the scope of his immediate network in India. 

Despite not being exactly sure of what his path would be, Naveen left India hoping that he could somehow combine his budding interest in technology with his entrepreneurial background into a service that could help others. Despite initially considering a move to Europe, Naveen chose to come to the United States, drawn to the country as the epicenter of innovation and industrial advancement. After earning a masters degree in a hybrid stream that included Business, Analytics and Technology Management, Naveen started to work in Fortune 50 tech companies, wherein he absorbed everything about its business structure, the hiring process, how projects were managed, and how the markets would evolve as time passed. After working there for a couple of years, Naveen left to create a company of his own.

In 2018, Naveen with the help of a friend launched his own business, an IT staffing agency that, similar to his father’s business, provided other companies with the right workers to suit specific needs. In Naveen’s case, he contracted skilled computer programmers out to companies that needed support in the tech department or experienced programmers to develop a product. Through the development of his own startup, Naveen helps other technology businesses, mainly other startups and small companies, reach their own goals of fulfilling their users’ needs by providing them with the right workers and the proper resources.

True to his wishes when coming to the United States, Naveen had succeeded in combining his interest in technology with the basis of entrepreneurship that he’d developed early on in India. In an interview with Cho Law LLC, Naveen mentioned that one of the main inspirations for creating the business was his passion for providing a quality user experience, especially following his experience with business in India. 

“I was really fascinated [by] the customer service [in the United States],” he said. “[Businesses in India] do want to help people, but in their own different way.”

As Naveen began to foster an increasingly large community of experts in the field of data, cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, he saw an opportunity to expand his business beyond simply staffing (though he considers staffing as a building block since it helps to expand his connections in the tech world). In addition to contracting employees out to other businesses, Naveen recently began to lead a project to create his own product: a body scanning app that makes use of artificial intelligence. Although the app is primarily meant for use in the fashion industry, Naveen says that he hopes to find harmony between his product and his business’ passion for customer service, and that the app could prove to have a greater social impact, perhaps with an expansion into the medical field. 

As Naveen looks to the future of his business, he sees opportunities to expand his business coming from abroad. Many of his programming recruits have already come from India, and Naveen has expressed his desire to recruit from all over the world, not just his home country. 

Through his business, Naveen has not only achieved his dream of establishing a business at the intersection of technology and service in the United States, but is currently looking for ways to break into the technological and commercial frontiers of the future. 

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